In order to realize its full potential, green infrastructure must be designed holistically in partnership with the community, delivered at scale, and maintained for the long-term, but this is a tall order. We make it easier for you to achieve citywide green infrastructure by offering a variety of full-service solutions, customized to overcome your most challenging barriers.

Green infrastructure Incentive Programs

Green Infrastructure Incentive (GI2) programs can rapidly scale green stormwater solutions by encouraging property owners to build green infrastructure through grants or stormwater credit trading markets. We help cities build and administer GI2 programs, and if you already offer a program, we specialize in identifying, aggregating and delivering successful projects in partnership with mission-aligned property owners.

Sample Process:

  1. PLAN
    We design your GI2 program, helping your ratepayers experience tangible value from their stormwater fees.

    We identify mission-aligned property owners and educate them about opportunities to lower stormwater bills and improve their properties and communities through GI2 programs.

    We aggregate high-impact projects to help you accelerate implementation of citywide green infrastructure; we develop successful project applications using benefits-driven design practices.

    We contract with the property owners, and manage design, engineering, and construction subcontractors.

    We deliver validated projects, assist property owners with long-term maintenance plans, and manage project financials.


Public-Private Partnerships

Through our public-private partnerships, we become your long-term green infrastructure delivery partner, designing citywide green stormwater infrastructure in partnership with your community, then building and maintaining it for the long term. We validate construction to ensure your green infrastructure is built and performing to specification, so you are guaranteed a long-term stormwater solution that works.

Sample process:

  1. PLAN
    We go big, designing citywide green infrastructure to maximize community benefits. It’s an inclusive process that transforms your regulatory compliance efforts into true revitalization strategies.

  2. BUILD
    We deliver your city-scale green infrastructure on time and within budget. Throughout construction, we absorb many of the risks that can make public projects costly and unpredictable.

    We validate the capacity of the green infrastructure to ensure we’re delivering the promised capacity.

    We train and hire local contractors to maintain your green infrastructure for the long term, so you are guaranteed a long-term stormwater solution that works.

Are you a city interested in scaling up green infrastructure? We will work with you to build a custom program model that meets your specific needs. Reach out to us today to start the conversation about a custom green infrastructure solution in your city.

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