Greenprint Communities is the nonprofit affiliate of Greenprint Partners. Many cities that work with Greenprint Partners extend the value of our partnership by collaborating with Greenprint Communities.



To get the most good out of green infrastructure.

Every community deserves the full benefits of green infrastructure, so Greenprint Communities helps local organizations build capacity and secure grant funding for programs that maximize the value of each city’s investment in green infrastructure.




Community Education
+ Demos

Classes, workshops, tours, marketing that educates and empowers people to determine what aspects of green infrastructure work for them and to develop a path toward this vision.


Green InfRastructure Planning

We can leverage your existing green infastructure or lead impact and community engagement processes to design plans that achieve the  highest levels of social,  economic and environmental  impact for communities.


Benefit maximization

Added bonuses that come along with green infrastructure which include improved health, stabilizing property values,  increased social interactions with neighbors, reduced crime, and plenty more.


Workforce Development

One of the strongest tangible pieces of green infrastructure is a green jobs career ladder. Our programing offers training and hands-on experience from entry level to highly skilled laborers working in various aspects of city maintenance. We create long-term jobs with true lasting value in a community.


Case Studies

Community Education

We launched a  #GreenIsGood green infrastructure education campaign to engage residents in Youngstown, OH.  

Workforce Development

We are supporting job growth by providing new resources to create a green infrastructure career ladder in St. Louis, MO.

Community Placemaking

We can provide new resources and tools to drive placemaking efforts at green infrastructure sites.




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Laura Kimes


Nicole Chavas



Mollie Dowling

Executive Director, OAI, Inc.

Dan Kinkead

Principal, SmithGroupJJR

Jacqui Patterson

Senior Director of Environmental + Climate Justice, NAACP