July 2018

Dear friends,

Since April Mendez, Laura Kimes and I co-founded Fresh Coast in 2014, we’ve experienced considerable growth.

  • Our team has expanded to include project managers, community organizers, landscape architects, engineers, and finance professionals, as well as a robust network of expert subcontractors.

  • We’ve built a close-knit circle of private and foundation investors who share our vision; today, that circle includes The Kresge Foundation.

  • Our experience has deepened through contracts with nine cities, and the development of  55 acres of green infrastructure.

  • As a result of this experience, we have refined our impact-focused business model. Today, we are a leading green infrastructure delivery partner that helps cities achieve high-impact, community-driven stormwater solutions at scale. Our green infrastructure projects are designed to maximize community benefits, be delivered at scale, and be maintained for the long-term.

Today, our national expansion and honed business model means that we have outgrown our original, geographically-tied name, Fresh Coast Capital.

After thoughtful consideration and stakeholder engagement, we have selected a new brand that supports our next phase of growth and scaling: Greenprint Partners.

Why “Greenprint Partners”?

“Greenprint” refers to a government’s or community’s environmental plan. If “blueprints” are plans centered around transportation, housing and economic centers, “greenprints” focus on water and land resources, ecological systems, and the communities they support. Green infrastructure is the heart of a community’s greenprint because it’s proven to drive rich social, economic, and ecological benefits. The word “Partners” communicates a very important aspect of our work: our long-term relationship with the cities, communities, and impact investors we serve.

While we are still the same women-owned B-corp, delivering impact, we have honed our identity, mission, and vision to better serve our community.

  • Mission: Green infrastructure transforms communities; we partner with cities to deliver more, better, for all.

  • Vision: By 2050, every U.S. city facing stormwater management challenges is implementing a comprehensive green infrastructure plan, the natural choice for strengthened community, shared prosperity, and ecological health.

We look forward to continuing to deepen our partnership with you. Drop us a line any time with feedback, input, or questions about working together.

To Impact,

Nicole Chavas

Greenprint Partners