With 60% population loss, high concentrations of poverty, and increases in vacant properties, Youngstown, OH faces intense economic and social pressures. Youngstown must invest in a large scale stormwater solution, and is seeking the most cost-effective, benefit rich option. Through their partnership with Greenprint Partners, Youngstown will be among the first U.S. cities to undertake a holistic, equitable approach to citywide green infrastructure planning.

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Citywide Green Infrastructure Plan

Greenprint Partners is working with the City of Youngstown and dozens of local partners to develop a green stormwater infrastructure master plan that will guide the city in using green infrastructure to reduce its combined sewer overflows while also proactively driving improved health, crime, and economic outcomes for communities. This benefits-driven planning process will ensure that Youngstown gets the most good out of its green infrastructure for years to come.

Contract dates
2017 to present


Community-driven citywide green infrastructure plan



Benefits-Driven Design

Accelerated Implementation

Greenprint Partners’ Benefits-Driven planning process will intersect data on health, crime, and economic challenges and opportunities with siting and design decisions for green stormwater infrastructure. This focus on benefits ensures the residents of Youngstown will experience the tangible benefits of green infrastructure. 


Accelerated Implementation

Community Education

By bringing additional expertise and resources to the table, Greenprint Partners is enabling Youngstown to launch their planning process 15 years ahead of its mandated schedule and to begin reaping the benefits of green infrastructure now.

Community education 

Benefits Driven Design

Greenprint Partners teamed up with local organizations to train an Action Team that helped launch a citywide #GreenisGood education campaign. We also gathered community input through a Stakeholder Advisory Group, community workshop series, and public surveys.